never give up

 We wanted to share with you SIX points  to reflect and review as the New Year begins by one of the worlds greatest motivators Tony Robbins 


#1 Know Your Purpose

In your day-to-day sales world, you MUST have a sense of meaning. Walking into the office, grabbing a coffee, checking your email, and taking your day “on the fly” is just not gonna get it done. When you’re at the office every day you have got to know what you’re going to get done that day. Knowing your purpose will make the biggest impact you can imagine.

# 2 Give positive meaning to everything

The sales rep’s life is all about risks. The more you take the more you win (and lose). It’s how you respond to the losses that make you special. Keeping a positive attitude, regardless of the issue, will keep your head in the game and ready for the next opportunity.

#3 Realize that everything you do has a consequence

A sales rep’s interactions with customers can either be positive or negative. There’s no neutral in sales. Every action you take matters. It’s not just about being on your best behavior, it’s about knowing your strengths and lining them up to reach your desired outcome.

#4 Know that everyone is unique, different, and amazing

Sales is a competitive world where people put themselves on the line every day. They often get shot down. Looking at the world through the lens that everyone has meaning will positively affect every facet of your performance. Don’t get deflated when buyers and competitors don’t behave like you want.

#5 Be driven by your desire for adventure

What drives you? Your past? Your competitors? Or even your fears? Or are you focused on your successes – on solving the next client problem and taking the next step for your company? It’s important to know what moves us and makes us do what we do.

#6 Expect the unexpected

What are you going to do when something unexpected happens in sales? By the way, something crazy always happens in sales. Why do you think we’re always the storytelling life of the party? When any situation arises, it’s important to respond to the right action that helps you solve a customer problem and take the next step.

Tony has coached presidents, celebrities and Olympic athletes to perform at their top of their game. Putting the secrets above into action will improve your performance too. The mark of a great leader is one who is highly coachable. So let these ideas guide you to higher commissions, happier clients, and ultimate satisfaction.