Our Process

Knowing The Right Fit

When it comes to selecting The Right Fit, companies need to make The Right Choices the first time. We have a proven hiring system that works. We Guarantee all our candidates, for 12 Full Month period far beyond the industry standard.

We Guarantee You Will Avoid:

· Costly hiring mistakes

· Turnover that will hurt team culture and engagement

· Lost opportunity cost of having the wrong person in front of your customers

· High Costs of having an internal Human Resources department.

· Countless hours of interviewing people who just are not The Right Fit.

The process of interviewing, hiring, training and losing salespeople is a costly one, which can be up to 28 times compensation according to 2016 industry research.

“In addition to the high direct cost of hiring salespeople incorrectly, the cost of lost business and forgone opportunity cost is even higher.”

Dr. Bradford Smart, PHD; Publication TOPGRADING,

Chapter 3 The Astronomical Costs of Mis–Hires.


Great sales people use great recruiting companies! There are no fewer great sales people today then there were five years ago; the great sales people who are looking for new positions in this economy are just in greater demand. Organizations cannot afford to wait it out! For over a decade we have delivered Top Sales Talent and are dedicated in partnering with you to save time and money, and maximize your revenues.

Here is our process:

  • We provide a Profile Guide and Position Benchmark assessment to help you identify the ideal candidate.
  • We market the opportunity attracting strong qualified candidates to your specific opportunity.
  • We custom build a detailed online screening tool designed to weed out the weak players and identify stronger, good fit candidates, including phone screening  and meeting qualified candidates.
  • We have successful candidates complete a Sales Behavioral Profile (the How) and a Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values evaluation (the Why).
  • We provide a detailed Profile Package of successful candidates who qualify based on your criteria and have a keen interest in pursuing your opportunity.

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Interested in taking your career in a new direction?

Find Sales Talent  Wants You!

You don’t hear that as much anymore. Why not? The truth is great sales people are tremendously undervalued, even in times of economic challenges which quite frankly, we are tired of hearing about.

You know you are worth more than what you see out there, perhaps it is time to consider more of a creative approach to your career search?

Have you considered working within the recruitment industry? We are a boutique style recruitment firm specializing in placing top calibre sales professionals. We love what we do and understand that our success lies within the team we build.

We feel it is only fair to warn you that it is hard work, extremely client focused, requires a consultative approach so you have to be a great communicator, you have to love having fun and don’t mind earning significant compensation well beyond industry norms.

The ideal background suited for success in this industry is based upon a pure passion to sell and ultimately fulfilling your client’s needs. A strong sales history boasting great successes will serve you well to start. Significant experience in sales leadership and all the hiring, coaching and support that goes with it is ideal. Are you experienced directly within the recruitment industry? Well, then we like you already!

Sound OK? By now you probably have some questions. So drop us a line, we would like to hear your story. We are great listeners (you have to be, perhaps I should have mentioned that too!)


Find Sales Talent Canada is looking for “Top Sales Talent” which means you must be either a Hunter, Farmer or sometimes both.

“A hunter focuses on generating and developing new leads and loves bringing in “New Business”. You are finding new prospects, developing or rekindling cold prospects, expanding new marketplaces.” Essentially you hunt and close new business consistently!

“A farmer expands and cultivates existing business. Sales are based on referrals, sell to warm leads (or leads who contact you), and expand business with existing clients.” You are outstanding at building and keeping relationships.
We are looking for Sales professionals covering all leads from the Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers,to inside and outside sales super stars. If you have an excellent track record for producing sales results either as a hunter, farmer or both we would love to hear from you!

Our Commitment to Our Candidates

What we will do:

With every qualified candidate we take time to identify all of the success factors in matching your skill set and experience with the right opportunity. Our screening process is designed with you in mind finding the “Right Fit” by Introducing candidates to employers to build relationships that work for both.

What we will not do:
We do not use a data base of resumes to draw from. Our process is focused on a daily intake of sales professionals in the market now, timing is everything !
We will not present opportunities that are not the “Right Fit” and waste your time. We will respect all personal and confidential information on our word as professionals. We treat all candidates with respect and truly want to connect you to the right opportunity!

Send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]