The Face of “Finding Sales Talent”

Hiring smart sales people


Companies are facing competition like never before in pursuit of high producing sales people. Classic recruitment structures are limiting the “speed of hire” which is essential in remaining competitive as the pace of change in business and competition for talent increases. Companies will have no choice but to revisit speed of hire approaches and tools in order to land candidates that are in high demand.

Finding high-impact technology is problematic although there is a wealth of new technology in recruiting, almost all of it is designed to reduce costs and administrative burdens. After almost 30 years of waiting, I have yet to encounter the breakthrough recruiting technology that produces a competitive advantage of all new hires by at least 20 percent of existing processes that being said, leading companies have to be forward looking attempting to identify and assess future talent targets long before they are needed.

A proactive approach requires that you identify “your future sales talent pipeline”. This practice involves identifying and then “mapping” the top talent throughout your industry with the goal of eventually on-boarding the best when they are ready to move.  That means you need to be strategic in your planning and have the best possible resources around you to be successful with the right talent outcome.

Retention challenges will increasingly impact your success as more and more top sales performers shift towards other offers increasing turnover rates. This turnover will create many new “sudden openings” which will put an added strain on the already challenging process. Companies need to be proactive in retaining with their own sales talent by designing a sales performance programs targeted to address the competitive environment along with accessing compensation and cultural changes as they arise. Turnover is costly communication is key knowing what needs to be improved and following up keeps your team together. Believe me when I say “if they are not happy” they are out looking before you get the chance they have landed another opportunity if they are good at what they do.

Finding sales talent is a strategy that needs a clear process for success along with expertise in the field of finding what works for your environment and sales success. Placing an advertisement today hoping to reel in your top performer is not going to cut it. You will be streaming through unqualified potentials wading desperately to find that diamond shining in that pile of potential hopefuls.  Spending almost 30 years in the field of business development l do know one thing for sure investing in a guaranteed process save you time and money allowing you to expand and stay on top of the sales recruiting challenge.