Who has the “Right Stuff” …

Hiring Right Sales Person



We are all looking for that “perfect hire”  here are some ideas that can assist you along the way…..

  • Look for the hidden virtues.

One of the most overlooked strengths today can be expressed in one word “Resilience”

  • Find your unlikely stars by noticing what others don’t see.

The best in any field are constantly learning something new about their subjects.

Prepare a list of questions that tell you more there experience and aptitude.

  1.  What kinds of sacrifices have you had to make to be successful?
  2.  What is the most fun you have ever had winning a customer over?
  3.  Tell me about a sale that went wrong. What did you attribute it to?
  4. Which parts of your job excite you? Which parts bore you?
  5.  What have you done in the past 30 days to deepen relationships with key accounts?
  6.  Telling me about a time when you took action without explicit permission


  • Push your best candidates to grow even stronger.

Motivation revels itself as the selection process plays out. Never hire after one interview it takes several …

Strong recruiters thrive on analysing the middle of the pile- even if there is just one overlooked “Winner” in each stack of 50 “maybes” they find him or her. They widen the talent pool and never lower their standard. In their hands, the jagged resumes are not so hard to decode after all –

Here are some of their most powerful methods:

  • Compromise on experience; don’t compromise on character.

Be willing to embrace unconventional views of what skills are truly needed in each specific field.

  • Your own career is a template; use it.

 The best insights into candidate’s potential come from leaders whose own life experiences speak to the traits they are seeking.

  • Rely on auditions to see why people achieve the results they do.
When you watch a candidate in action you are not watching for a flash of brilliance you are hunting for dozens of clues that show how and why someone succeeds.
The use of profiling tools can assist in discovering more about the candidates’ behaviour and success factors that tie into the position if you would like to learn more about our profiling tools head to our web-site at www.findsalestalentcanada.com  to learn more.