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Ten critical behaviors necessary to land a Top Sales Role

Evidence suggests your personality and behavior play a critical role in determining your ability to perform at the top.  To persuade, convince, or direct others are in its truest sense SELLING…I would also say that everyone has the innate ability to sell. To become a SALES STAR, however, is much more than that.

Let’s look at some behaviors and qualities that determine high performance;

1)     Modesty – successful sales people are not pushy or egotistical top sales people have a high degree of modesty and humidity.

2)     Conscientiousness – top Sales people have a high level of conscientious behavior, a strong sense of duty and responsibility and reliability. Taking their sales positions very seriously and accountable for results.

3)     Achievement  Centered –Top performers are fixated on achieving goals and continual measure performance

4)     Inquisitive – We can describe this behavior as a natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge top sales performers are coachable and love to learn!

5)     Dominance – The ability to gain the willing obedience of customers such a recommendations and advice are followed. Overly friendly sales people are too close to their customers to provide this resource.

6)     Urgency – Top Sales performers have a strong sense of urgency. They are action orientated and strategic thinkers.

7)     Competitiveness – Determined attitude; a high percentage of top sales performers’ played organized sports in high school. There seems to be a connection between sports and sales success as top performers are able to handle emotional disappointments’, bounce back from losses, and mentally prepare them-selfs for the next opportunity to win.

8)     Persistent – Obstacles are always present’ but it’s what you do when faced with barriers that will determine your success. Top Sales performers always look for new solutions and are tenacious ( They refuse to give up)

9)    Great Listeners – “Telling is not selling” Top sales performers know that clients will tell them everything the need to know if given the right opportunity. They know that “Silence is Golden”

10)  Independent and Focused – Successful sales people are self-starters – who can take personal initiative by identifying what needs to be done and they do not depend on the sales manager for direction and guidance they just go out and preform!

There are certain attributes listed here that Top Sales performers must possess in order to succeed. Most of the attributes are the very same attributes that are shared by all successful people across many endeavors. With these attributes, you are certain to succeed in sales. Without them, selling well is difficult (and without a few of them, impossible).