Common Problems Most Salespeople Experience..

recruitment for sales people
  • “Think it Overs” Suitable for possible future business
  • No Contract – No one really knows what will happen next
  • Objections and unable to handle them effectively
  • Poor Closing Skills – afraid to ask for the order or sale
  • Likes People and therefore may be too empathetic
  • Being Assertive – has difficulty taking control
  • Goal Setting – no clear, measurable goals
  • Ineffective Warm Calls – doesn’t make them
  • Fear of Rejection – takes it personally and lets it affect their performance
  • Negative Prospects – can’t turn them into positive prospects
  • Drilled by Secretary – can’t get past the “gatekeeper”
  • Why Someone Would Buy – doesn’t understand the reasons behind why people buy
  • What Someone Would Buy – can’t identify people’s needs or wants
  • No System – wings it
  • No Tracking – doesn’t monitor behavior and activity
  • Wasting Time – has trouble prioritizing activities
  • Poor Belief System – insecure about the role of a salesperson
  • Asking Questions and Getting Information – more comfortable making presentations
  • Doesn’t Understand People – what motivates buying decision
  • Getting Referrals – passes up the best opportunity to increase business
  • Selling Cycle Too Long – can’t get clients or customers to make decisions
  • Making Bids and Proposals – with no clear understanding of what will happen next
  • Weak Interviewing Skills – asks the wrong questions of prospective employees
  • Turnover of Staff – both planned and unplanned
  • Inconsistency – fails to employ a consistent approach to selling situations
  • Lack of Direction – needs a goals program and a way to track progress
  • Has Need for Approval – self-esteem may be on the low side
  • Prospects Lying – accepts everything the prospect says without question
  • Getting to the Decision Maker – comfortable dealing on a less threatening level
  • Discussing Money – waits for it to become an objection
  • Bailing Out – takes the road of least resistance
  • Unsolved Sales Problems – fails to get the real issues
  • Lack of Commitment – coasting, won’t accept responsibility


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