Do You Have Highly Committed Employees?

These leaders “retain” staff, especially their highly committed employees.

During the past 25 years working side by side with effective leaders, a clear message resonates’ that the IMPACT of inspiration and motivation “affects everything” with in the company… especially when it comes to productivity “Peter Drucker” made the observation that if most businesses increased the productivity of employees by only 10%, they would double their profits.”

When most people first heard this statement, they were skeptical, but once they consider the fixed cost of their employees and their companies’ profit margins most of them agreed that Drucker was correct.

Their observation is That small increase in productivity all goes to the bottom line, and it doesn’t cost the company anything.”

How do you behave as a LEADER?

The ultimate test of leadership should be how the leader behaves. That is, after all, what leadership is all about and if you want to know how leaders ought to lead, you need to pay attention to those who have led.

Leadership has a purpose and an expected outcome. The question is, “What has changed in the behavior of those being led?” One important dimension of becoming a better leader is to be clear about the outcomes you seek from those you lead.

The following outcomes have been shown to truly make a significant difference:


Inspiration and motivation produce higher quality results throughout the organization hands down!


Companies succeed when their people act with assurance and boldness.


Leaders shape the way people feel about the future in the broadest and most profound way. Hope is enhanced when there is a belief that life is purposeful and that people exist for some higher reason.


The inspired and motivated employee does not wait to be told to do everything, but instead looks around, sees what needs to be done and begins to do it.


Staff with higher levels of motivation enjoy being held accountable for outcomes and don’t place blame on others for any shortcomings in their own performance.


The ability to bounce back from an encounter with a barrier or hurdle is extremely important.

We are not all natural motivators nor do we all have the ability to be inspirational. My belief is that you can create an impact on the little things you do. Like taking the time to value contribution and taking the time to walk around and show interest in what is being done to you and saying “Thank-You” everyone needs recognition even though we sign the pay checks. To have a motivated and inspired work place you need to show you care about your company and your people, especially today when great people are hard to find and replacement costs are far more costly overall to the organization.



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