Finding Good Sales People

Good sales people don’t just post their resume to various career websites and wait for their phone to start ringing off the hook. They know that in order for them to find the job they want they need to be out selling themselves and using the same strategies that helped them to become the top sales people they are.

It’s also challenging to get the attention of top sales people because they’re in such high demand. But at the same time, you need to know what would qualify a person to be a top sales person in your company in order to identify the new talent who has the best chance of success in your organization. To tempt these people to work for you, you really need to be on top of your recruiting efforts. For an immediate impact on your recruiting process, these are the areas where sales recruiters should focus their energies.

Good Sales Recruiters Reach Sales People In the Field

Good sales people who are thinking about moving to another firm might not be openly searching for other opportunities. They know that this could change their current relationships with their clients, not to mention their current employer. Instead, successful sales people tend to explore the following avenues to find opportunities:

  • Discreet job fairs
  • Networking meetings and events
  • Trusted peers and friends

Considering the number of career oriented events that happen in big cities across Canada, it would be hard making sure that your company had a presence at the events most expected to bring good sales people to your firm. Sales recruiters in Vancouver already know which events attract the best talent, and they can bring your company to the table in order to bring that talent to you.

Good Sales Recruiters Get Sales People’s Attention

Although a good sales person might be unhappy with certain aspects of their current company, they won’t be actively looking for another opportunity. Good sales people receive good compensation for their work, and this alone might prevent them from exploring the job market.

Vancouver sales recruiters can leverage their industry connections to help and identify these individuals and then invite them to consider an opportunity with your company through personal contact, the guaranteed way to draw the attention of a top sales producer. The sales person who has been contacted on your behalf instead of being required to contact you first will start the interviewing process already feeling appreciated. This means that you will have that person’s full attention as you move towards a successful hire.

Have a Sales Recruiter Create an Employee Profile

Every organization wants to have good sales people selling and representing its services and products, but when you’re looking for a good sales person, what standards are you really looking for? If you want to capture the best talent available and guarantee a good match for your company, you need to narrow down the specifics of what you’re looking for:

  • Does this person have a proven record of bringing in new and profitable customers?
  • Does this person just meet their sales quotas consistently, or do they beat their sales quotas consistently?
  • Can this person demonstrate success in being able to generate their own leads?

Oftentimes it’s not enough just being able to sell; even an average sales person can coast by on a few established clients and make the occasional big sale look like a personal success. A sales recruiter can help you to develop an accurate profile of what your company requires and target the top producing sales people for interviews.

Although it’s challenging to find good sales people in today’s economy, that doesn’t mean that all of the good sales people possibly available to your company are working elsewhere. If you’re using a good sales recruiter, Canada’s job market is much smaller and focused only on the people that you want to have working for you.


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