Sales Coaches outperform Sales Managers…



“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want” 

Zig Ziglar – 1926 – 2012



Here is the Question

How do you help salespeople to grow? And how do you challenge them to find the resourcefulness within themselves?

The most successful people in the world have coaches to improve their performance and to help them reach higher levels of success.

Just think about the “Top Athletes “, they have coaches to help them achieve results beyond their own expectations. An outside coach helps identify and eliminate the selling headaches and most common selling mistakes that sales people make which cost them sales, time and energy.

I was lucky to have the support of a sales coach, who assisted time and time again in providing excellence in his guidance along with feedback to some challenging sales scenarios that lead to sales success. His ability to connect the behaviors and the customers’ needs and wants was outstanding.   

The role of an “Outside Coach” is very different than the role of the Sales Manager and in my view, the investment made either by the individual or company is money well spent. The key to this success is that the “Outside Coach” only interest is to the success of the individual he or she is coaching. The “Sales Manager” interest is on the whole team’s performance and the companies sales objectives.

A success coach will often come up with a plan of action for his or her clients to follow.

  • The plan will include steps for the client to take in order to increase sales, increase productivity, manage their time more effectively, or develop and achieve goals.
  • The success coach duties will include setting dates for items on the plan of action to be carried out by.
  • The coach will then hold the client accountable for those items, often by encouraging them along the way and reminding them of tasks that need to be implemented.
  • Once those goals are achieved, a new set of goals and action plan can be put into place; otherwise, the relationship with the coach can be ended if the individual or business feels that the coaching services are no longer needed.

The goal of coaching is to help the salesperson improve and to perform better. You can’t get the “perform better” without getting the “improve.” A good coach helps the salesperson understand their blind spots and helps them identify new possibilities, new choices, new beliefs, and new behaviors.

Go and try it yourself… really what do you have to lose… clearly nothing only something to gain if you are up for discovering the “best you can be”.

Coaching + Leadership + (attitude, belief and implementation) = Development = Performance


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