Looking for the Wrong Qualities… Sales Recruitment Process


A big mistake made during the sales recruitment process is failing to look for the correct qualities and behaviors in a sales person. Many times HR departments simply don’t have the skills necessary for this type of recruitment along with the training needed to select candidates that are going to be outstanding in sales.

Sales recruiters, on the other hand, specialize in recruiting sales people. Instead of relying on achievements and empty words on a resume, sales recruiters know how to ask the right questions to evoke the correct answer. They know and understand the psychology behind selling and how to use these techniques to ensure that their B2B sales recruitment strategies are successful along with advanced screening tools that provide an overall analysis of the right behaviors for a successful hiring outcome. It’s not HR’s fault, they simply do not have the time or the expertise necessary to find these elusive qualities.

If you want to ensure that you are hiring the right candidate and that your organization won’t be among the many that are spending time, money and resources training the wrong applicants, working with a B2B recruitment agency that specializes in sales is the best answer. Hiring a sales person doesn’t have to be a game of chance — you can turn it into a game of certainty. The cost of hiring the wrong candidate far outweighs the cost of a hiring mistake here is an overview for review; we would be happy to send you the worksheet template for your own use, just email us at [email protected]

The true cost of hiring mistakes and how much money is wasted



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