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Sales training and coaching is hands down the most profitable way to build your business. When your sales team runs like a well-oiled machine, you control your future. Many companies assume that when they hire sales people that are already trained they don’t need to invest in ongoing training.

This is a big mistake

The fact is that any sales team, no matter how good they are, needs to be continuously reinforced in terms of their behavior, their practices, and their techniques, and sales training is a key vehicle for doing that.

The Consultative selling technique is about becoming an ‘expert’ in what the possible client desires:

1)     Get the full picture

2)     Identify key issues

3)     Explore different options

4)     Design joint solutions

5)     Match buying criteria

Being educated with this type of sales training requires processes and the drilling of those processes, on a regular basis until the sales person has the techniques as part of their everyday sales call.

Best in Class organizations continuously work with their sales people to fine tune their sales process and systems to keep themselves at the top of their game.


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