Decide for yourself …. do you need training?

Our research demonstrates that fewer than 50% of salespeople create true economic value for the companies they work for. 

Decide for yourself  …

 Here are 10 points to determine if your selling efforts work. If can you confidently answer yes you have got nothing at all to be worried about…

  •  Price is never a driving element in the buying decision.
  • Our clients and prospects completely understand our value along with our selling proposition
  • Our sales cycle is actually highly predictable and our customers buying decisions never get stalled.
  • Our salespeople meet their goals- in all aspect of our presentations
  • Our sales costs are decreasing on a consistent basis.
  • Our sales efforts are fully engaged in marketing efforts.
  • Our customers and prospects make buying choices without significant “closing” efforts.
  • We position ourselves to communicate what we do in a  succinct, compelling fashion.
  • We never alter our approach because of aggressive pressures.
  • Our profit for each sale is trending steadily upwards.


 If you find yourself answering  NO to the above you are not alone.


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