Extreme “Reaching a high or the highest degree; ” Performance “The manner in which or the efficiency with which something reacts or fulfills its intended purpose.”



Every Business owner has the intent to fully engage in purposeful action and create performance; unfortunately, some of the time performance is not what we get!

No two businesses will construct an environment the same way. The objective is to encourage a culture and create a structure that is best suited to accomplishing your “Strategic Objective” along with your purpose.

Here is a guideline:

  • Integrate the Vision: There are many ways to build your vision into the culture of your organization. Find the best ways to promote and reinforce your vision and values and include them in all your activities
  • Build the Foundation: Structure your business through system & process that benchmark your greatest  assets along with those things in your organization like rules, rewards values and assumptions that influence behavior and inspiration
  • Train and provide the tools: Extreme performance isn’t genetic. Even your highly intelligent and motivated staff needs to learn how to do it your way, and then they will need to pull it together to produce! For example; a master wood cutter needs a very sharp, specially design knife to produce exceptional results. The master without the knife is just potential’
  • Qualification and Evaluation: Extreme performance of any kind needs regular attention. Like all other systems in your business, the systems you create to build and maintain extreme performance must be qualified and tracked. Much of the data can come directly from your records along with your own impressions and direct feedback from your own people. 360 – degree appraisals are another way to get information. It important to keep issue high on your agenda. It is simple to reverse unproductive trends before they become embedded into your culture.

Below are thoughtful points to remind ourselves that we all have the opportunity to guide ourselves there.

 It’s not the time you spend but the Results you Produce

So many individuals are stuck in the time trap instead of the working smart’ spending too much time in the office or at work does not necessarily mean you are productive and producing results. What are you doing to maximize your daily results?  Below are some pointers to remember just to do that.

  • Spend your time on your most important objectives.
  • Organize your daily schedule based on priorities.
  •  Learn to move “on” … get to decision making. Don’t over analyze ’accept that you gave it 100% move on to more important tasks.
  • Master your distractions; we all too often fall victim based on other peoples priorities. Stick to yours.
  • Develop Your Knowledge – there is always something to learn’
  • Knowledge is power’ read effectively by understanding your purpose.
  • Implement new and creative ways to effect positive change.
  • Pause occasionally you will be more creative and effective.

Focusing on results rather than hours provides an opportunity to create a better work life balance we all need to spend time enjoying what makes us happy and fulfilled.

Know when to Lead or Get out of the way!  

Employees must be included in all parts of the process. Every step of the way. Teamwork is the key here, not hierarchy. People must be treated as individuals, Always acknowledge their importance and show them respect. They’re people first, employee’s second. Superior work must be encouraged, recognized, and rewards. Everyone responds to expectations. If you treat people as if they are capable and smart- and get out of the way – that is exactly how they will perform.

Acquire: Recruit, attract, and onboard the right people

Develop: Assess and build skills and knowledge

Encourage: Direct, support, recognize, and reward

The strongest leaders know that it’s not about them. It’s about the team, their followers, and, most importantly, the purpose of the organization.              

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