Are YOU in it?

Many people never find their true “Dream Job” because they avoid analyzing their career objectives. They fall into jobs and never actually ask themselves, “What do l do well? What type of life do l want to lead? What type of work creates positive energy for me?’ It’s important for you to know and use your special skills.

Many people stagnate in their jobs. They are capable of doing so much more, yet they are afraid to challenge themselves. In my years as a business consultant l ran across many individuals that just stayed frozen in the comfort of security and not in allowing themselves to grow. Unfortunately, most people fall into the list below.

  • It’s just a job. Any job is okay as long as the pay is good and l can do my own thing after work”
  • “Work has to be regular. I need the benefits, vacations, and security of a full-time employment.

Many people just tune –out’ because so many find work to be meaningless, they lose motivation. Work must offer more than money and status; it must offer you the chance to make a difference.

No one is ever completely sure of the path to follow, but those with the courage to believe in themselves and their ideas, with the potential of some loss involved, are the true individuals. You must take a risk –have courage, be true to yourself.

  • Know what you want
  • Know why you want it
  • Discover your talents use them daily
  • Work hard
  • Work smart

Below are 10 questions designed to help YOU determine if your life is centered on your Dream Job?

  1. Do you recognize what you are good at and what energized you?
  2. Do you fully utilize your most-enjoyed skills
  3. Does your work further some interest or issue that you care deeply about?
  4. Do you see yourself, through work, as making a difference?
  5. Do you view most days with a sense of enthusiasm
  6. Have you developed your own philosophy of life and success?
  7. Are you taking necessary risks to live your philosophy?
  8. Do you feel a sense of meaning and purpose for your life?
  9. Do you have active goals this year relating to your purpose?
  10. Are you living your life to the fullest now instead of hoping that things will work out someday?

Tough questions for most people to answer… many of us just WISH we were doing something else’ Life is short enough’ Each one of us has TALENT some of us forget just what it is.. connecting with what inspires you and what makes a difference to you is what truly counts. Money comes along to those who follow their passion.  It just takes courage to STOP and redirect. Everything in Life is a CHOICE choose wisely.





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