“Let’s think about it” or “Let’s decide on it.”


When you put off decisions they pile up’ and piles end up ignored, dealt with in a hurry or just thrown out. As a result, individual challenges in those piles stay unresolved.

Don’t wait for the perfect solution. Decide and move forward. Decisions are progressing. Each one you make is a stepping stone. You can’t move forward on “We’ll decide later” but you can make progress on “Done”. The problem comes when you postpone decisions in hope that the perfect answer will come to you in time.

It won’t, you are as likely to make a great call today as you would tomorrow.

What do you do?

1)      Stop looking for proof – there are NO guarantees in life. To make the best decision you need to believe that there is a possibility that whatever your decision, it could be wrong. Always look at the best case scenario and the worst case scenario and if you can live with the later you are on the right path.

2)      Be more honest about your weakness – Don’t pretend like you don’t make mistakes. We all do.’ Sometimes you make big mistakes that have long term consequences. By acknowledging mistakes and apologizing when necessary you teach your brain and your employees to adjust to realistic benchmarks for success.

3)      “The evidence you need to make good decisions is all around you”.

The better you are at looking for answers from what you see around you, the better you will be at making great decisions.

If you make a mistake, you can correct it later. It really doesn’t matter how much you plan or look around, you still get stuff wrong anyway. Don’t make things worse by over analyzing and delaying before you even get going.

Make the call, make progress and get something out now – while you’ve got the motivation and momentum to do so…

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