Below are examples of the statements made by many of today’s salespeople. Do you know how much money you’re losing through these types of statements?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Fireman

Ok, so no one grows up saying that they want to be in sales, but when you hear employees discussing what they wanted to be, then they’re probably settling for their position and won’t be happy in the future.

I am afraid that someone will say NO

The average in today’s economy is 6 no’s for 1 yes. If you’re afraid of hearing the word no, you undoubtedly don’t belong in sales.

My targets are all C-level or VP level execs.  They never answer the phone, so I just send emails.

By not phoning your prospects, you’ll miss out on the chance of being directed to a more appropriate contact. There’s always the chance that the Executive Administrator will be more than happy to direct you to someone else.

I’ll take any appointment

Qualifying your prospects beforehand means that you aren’t wasting anyone’s time, theirs or yours.  Too many times I see reps assume they have an opportunity just because someone offered them 10 minutes of their time.

I didn’t ask for the referral because I felt uncomfortable

If you’re not taking full advantage of the time and opportunity you have with a prospect, it’s a wasted opportunity.

I’m not good at public speaking

Being comfortable and confident enough to speak in front of strangers and to lead a conversation is an important skill for any sales rep.  If this worries you, then maybe it’s time to try another field.

I view Social Media as a Social Nuisance!

Whether you agree or not, Social Media has cemented its place in the business environment.  If you are not taking advantage, I know your competition certainly is!

My scripts have always worked in the past and I see no reason to change them now

An inability to adapt and adjust is a major flaw in any industry and sales is not excluded. I’m willing to assume that #1 on the leaderboard adjusts their pitch regularly and specific to their prospect.

I usually just wing it!

Preparedness is one of the most important aspects of any sales conversation. People won’t respect your time if you won’t respect theirs.

I like the sound of my own voice

The best sales people know when to listen and when to speak.  Often younger sales professionals seem overly eager to fill the awkward silence; chances are your prospect needs the time to digest all the information you’ve provided, or to think of a response to your question.


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