The following are possible obstacles that are preventing your business from achieving your goals and objectives.  A great business performance review.

Marketing Obstacles

1. I don’t have enough sales  T  F

2. My sales have been slow  T  F

3. I don’t know how to sell effectively and consistently  T  F

4. I hate making sales calls   T  F

5. I don’t have enough time to make enough sales calls  T  F

6. I have trouble with customer questions/objections   T  F

7. My people cannot sell as well as l can  T  F

8. Good sales people are hard to find   T  F

9. My people don’t know what to say to customers  T  F

10. I don’t know what my sales people are doing  T  F

11. I’m not sure what to pay  my sales people  T  F

12. I do not know how to get more customers  T  F

13. I do not know what my customers want  T  F

14. I do not know how to develop new business  T  F

15. My advertising doesn’t work  T  F

16. I do not know what my sales will be month to month  T  F

17. Not enough people come to my business  T  F


Management Obstacles

1. I work too many hours   T  F

2. I cannot take the time off I need – the place could fall apart  T  F

3. I cannot trust my people – they are unpredictable T F

4. My people do not do the work the way I want them to  T  F

5. My people are not motivated  T  F

6. People cannot be trained to do this job  T  F

7. Training people takes too much time  T  F

8. I cannot afford to hire the people I need   T  F

9. I cannot seem to hire the right people   T  F

10. I cannot keep my best people  T  F

11. My people do not get things done on time   T  F

12. My people won’t follow rules  T  F

13. I do not have time to manage my people  T  F

14. My managers do not know how to manage   T  F


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