Recruitment … what you need to know


1)   Organizations Today are working around the unease of our current economy, although we are seeing improvement, what we are experiencing is that more and more people are applying for any or multiple roles  advertised rather than having a focused approach. Clearly, resulting in weeding through  volumes of resumes for  differentiating top candidates from the pile which becomes harder and more resource intense for HR and Recruiters

2)   The Talent War – everyone thinks because of the state of the economy talent must be abundant’ not the case. Our “Best Fit” candidates know their value and work the opportunity to meet their needs!  This is why you need to design a profile for the position that will attract them to you not the other way around…

3)  A Fit For The Future where one company recruited for a specific role, more than ever organizations need to recruit people who will adapt to fast change. The outcomes that you need not only are a fit for the role but also needs to be a  fit for the future!

4) “Closing The Gap” Organizations need to think more globally and plan for succession! adding yet another layer to what organizations need in their recruitment selection  … leadership skills will be harder to find… as the baby boomers retire mentor-ship will be key to leadership enhancement.

5)  Candidates Will Fool You! candidates are so often well-rehearsed rather than well prepared; you need to look for the polish to the person. We use a DISC assessment to see behavioral traits to select the “right fit” which outlines success factors in the position. Ask us how we can help go to

7)  Providing Competitive Compensation compensation is almost always listed as the top recruiting challenge. 35% of companies surveyed indicated that providing competitive compensation is a challenge. The fact is you can’t offer what you cannot afford; consider what else serves as collateral, flexible work hours, career development and a great work culture. In fact, 70% of employees say job advancement is more important than compensation.  So develop a growth plan for your employees.


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